Needle Your Way to Your Best Complexion Ever!

Have you ever heard the term Micro-Needling described as “…sticking 1000 needles into your face?” And if so, did that sound like a crazy idea? Well, it’s actually a painless procedure with minimal downtime—and astounding results when it comes to helping your skin achieve a healthier, more youthful glow.

Micro-needling is known more formally as collagen induction therapy. The goal is to safely and naturally plump up collagen in the face, so fine lines scars are minimized and you’re left with a younger, more glowing appearance. The way it’s done is actually very cool: A special roller equipped with tiny needles is used to create a controlled injury to the skin’s surface. As this device rolls over the face, it causes microscopic breaks in the blood vessels (don’t panic, though—they truly are microscopic).

From there, two good things happen. First, your skin’s natural defense mechanism gets activated and starts to create platelets that release growth factors. This is, in turn, promotes the production of both collagen and elastin; elastin is a protein that generates new cells and helps skin keep its youthful elasticity. Second, the tiny channels made by micro-needles make your skin more receptive to absorbing all those good ingredients from topical gels and creams. So you get your money’s worth, and then some!

There are two ways to micro-needle: In a spa at the hands of a professional, and at home using your own device. The spa procedure is done with longer needles and penetrates more deeply (a numbing cream is applied to the face to alleviate discomfort). For maximum effect, the treatment should be repeated every four to six weeks. That allows the skin to fully regenerate before the next micro-needling procedure.

If you want to keep up a micro-needling regimen at home, I recommend using a roller with 0.2 to 0.25 needle lengths. Like the longer spa version, these shorter needles help build collagen and allow ingredients in topical creams to absorb more effectively. You can find in-home rollers at retail stores or online outlets (OR AT SUZI’S SPA?) Two tips: Be sure to follow package directions, and allow enough time between treatments so skin won’t become irritated.


Suzi Barnett