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"I have so far been to Undone beauty for a course of LED treatments and a chemical peel. All the treatments were a joy to receive and have worked wonders for my troubling skin. For me though it is Suzi's knowledge and what she has taught me about my own skin that has made the biggest difference. I am 25 and have suffered from bad skin since a teenage. I have seen many different professionals and I can truly say nothing has worked until now - I think this is because it is only since seeing Suzi that I understand my own skin and how I need to treat it. So, go to Suzi for one of her utterly delightful treatments and come out with invaluable knowledge as well as glowing skin! 

ps The fact that there is a photo on the internet of myself without any makeup on speaks louder than any of these words."



I had the most amazing derma-planing treatment followed by an incredible facial today! My skin looks and feels so much healthier, can’t wait for the next one! Thank you Suzi! Xx



I have struggled with my skin for decades, bad acne followed by years of stripping out the oil that I thought was causing my shiny skin. After a few of wonderful facials with Suzi she  has taught me the difference between lack of hydration and lack of moisture and has introduced me to a simple but very effective cleansing/moisturising routine that for the first time in my life I can feel confident with. My skin has truly never felt better.